Elena Villa



Elena Villa was introduced to Middle Eastern music and dance by her parents in Big Sur, California in the late 1970s; she had her first solo performance to live music at age 10. Elena resumed her study of belly dance in Santa Cruz, CA in 1987 and began studying flamenco in 1991. She has pursued long term intensive study in both art forms with acclaimed artists from North Africa, Spain, the Middle East, and North America.  Since 1995, Elena Villa has developed her own style of Spanish Arabic fusion drawing on her years of training and performance experience in both dance forms. Elena began teaching dance in 1996 and continues to offer weekly instruction and workshops in classic belly dance, flamenco, and Arab-flamenco fusion. Elena has shared the stage with many renown artists and also coordinates the talent for the Caravan Stage at the Oregon Country Fair in Veneta, OR, a major West Coast venue. Elena Villa holds a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon where she has taught classes in literature, film, language, and culture with a particular emphasis on dance and performance studies.


Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor